Thursday, March 29, 2007


Today I had a lengthy discourse with some friends of mine on various issues currently affecting Kenya as a country. Our discussion ranged from the normal issue of politics, sports, the economy and even to entertainment. As we were heatedly debating, it suddenly occurred to me that us Kenyans have some unique traits that one can really identify with as a Kenyan. I know this issue has been widely talked about in many fora but what the heck!It is my constitutional right to express myself!Anyway,has it ever occurred to you that we are the only people who anytime they sit down to chill as the pulsers are wont to say, the only topic on the table is either politics or sports(And by sports I restrict myself to English football)?

Isn’t funny that despite the fact that our politicians and politics are generally colorless so to speak we still cant help discussing about them-Just turn around you n the guys next to you are talking of the politician who is all the range in the country at that moment in time! While we are at it, it has occurred to me that Kenyans have the shortest collective memory in the world! Consider this: A guy might today do a completely outrageous act that leaves Kenyans wagging their tongues in his wake. But then this happens for just a short time and the issue becomes stale and we forget all about it-If you think am just blubbering, think of the Artur Brothers or the Mamluki if you are so inclined or even of the Goldenberg issue? Does anyone in Kenya bother to follow up what happened to the issue? Well, I have blubbered enough and I have to take a break before I start hyperventilating! Don't worry about me, it is just another crazy day in Felix's World!!!

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