Thursday, August 30, 2007


Kenya is a country endowed with unbeliavable beauty in terms of picturesque scenery and people. Indeed kenya any visitor to Kenya will have to get hooked to the incredible beutiful fauna and flora that is spread all over the country.

However, the country can get dramatic especially in its political arena. Take for instance, the political happenings witnessed this week. Who in their reasonable senses could have imagined the immediate former Kenyan president, Moi cosying up to his successor, Mwai Kibaki even to the extent of supporting his re-election bid! Anyone who attended the inauguration ceremony of Kibaki where Moi was subjected to all forms of embarrasing humiliation would have easily brushed off any suggestions that the two personalities would end up being political bosom buddies. Fast forward to 2007 and things have taken a dramatic turn. Not only is the former "Baba Na Mama wa taifa" a close acquintance of President Kibaki as well as a member of Kibaki Tena group, he is also the President's Special Envoy to Sudan!!Phew!! those who say in politics there are no friends nor enemies definitely have a point.

This recent trends has got me thinking of the rationale behind the unprecentended change in the otherwise cold relationship. For one, one cannot reasonably say that the Ex-President is moved by the desire to see the country continue growing in peace. After all, he has ruled the country for over 20 years and in all that time, the country underwent its worst economic and political period. Thus, the reason for his change of heart nust be informed by the way Kibaki has kept off his affairs despite public pressure to have Moi answer for the varios economic and political misdeeds he committed while in office. To be sure, contrary to the expectations by many people, the Kibaki Government has declined to prosecute Moi for crimes such as the assasinations of Ouko and Muge, torture and illegal detentions of people like Matiba, Rubia, Raila, Willy Mutunga, Paul Muite, Suba Churchill well as the grand economic crimes like the Goldenberg scam. Hence, Moi must be thinking of self-protection as the basis for his support for Kibaki's re-lection bid.

This is made even more critical once one considers Moi's apparent fear of a Raila Odinga presidency. Many pundits trace Moi's pathological hatred of ODM as attributable to his frosty relations with Raila. Even though Raila has vowed not to revenge for the wrongs committed against him by Moi, Moi is not willing to take any chances. Hence, for him its better to bag his hopes in a Kibaki Presidency whose track record is a little bit clear than risk a Raila Presidency which can decide to undertake transitional justice with Moi as its main target. One can only keep watch for how long the Moi-Kibaki marriage of convenience will last. Will we see the new project turning against its master? Well, watch the drama that is kenya. Will keep u posted!!

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