Thursday, November 22, 2007


When all is said and done
I failed you and no one else

My heart as it is, does still love you

and would never let you go.

I can never be somebody else

that I told you from the start

I can only be me, and nobody else.

Trying my hardest to keep it going

with all the love over flowing

That is very hard to do,

But still I did it all for you.

I know you have tried and tried

and I still tried too.

But for some reason there

are still things missing too.

For as much as you and me love each

other and want to keep it together.

It is not working for you.

I am ready to take what soerever

you will decide.

Be it hurting or not.

Just know that I will still love you

and that is not gonna change.

I am now leaving everything

in your hands...

You decide...

either you keep me or not...

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