Friday, April 3, 2009


I salute your soul reader!Allow me to lay bare my soul to thee. Am sure you have it all figured now-its a soulful thing today..Perhaps some graphic breakdown would bring this closer home-picture this, I'm all alone in my solitary cubicle-my secluded forum of self-contemplation and meditation as well as reflection on the troubled times in my dear country.Its been said before-by whom my memory fails me-that every being craves a moment of uninterrupted quiet and towards the pursuit of the foregoing,seeks a zone, a place or a secluded point, call it a 'Peace zone" if you will..where he/she can lay idle for hours undisturbed and reflect aloud to him/ herself while strangely removed from the chaotic planet we live in. At this moment and place, the said being is able to enter into the world of sages and philosophers, without any literary critic checking over his shoulder sneering or questioning his motive, his flow of thought. So when the said creature obtains the said peace zone after the long search, it becomes a daily tussle to protect the said zone from infiltration by any unwelcome third parties or aliens if you are into science this creature called Felix has also found his 'spot' and here I am all in deep philosophical mode(some rate it as shallow thinking enveloped in deep nasal overtones of veined intellectualism, which is all semantics if you ask Joseph Pierce averred,""Seeing within changes one's outer vision."

Anyway so much for digressing..i started on the premise that its a soulful feeling in a furahiday nai evening with soft soul music playing in the background...the heart in a sober soulful mood.Talking of sobriety, its always amazing to consider the statistical figures on the sober rates in a normal Nairobi night-a close friend who i can bet my whole life cannot be anywhere near sober at the present has done a survey of Nairobians and his conclusion is that more than 99% of the nairobi adult population on Friday nights are always intoxicated on some ruaraka products or its kin at this soulful moment i have my thoughts on the unsober nai people at this time..come with me lets go into a mind of my friend who right now has downed five and counting of them ruaraka froths and he is thinking-am on top of the world! YEAH I GOT MY STUFF ALL SORTED YEAH! but the next day the reality hits home-the economic situation in the domestic scene is not as rosy as the alcohol-induced vision had led him to believe! with the so-called leaders who have made it a point to make life so unbelievably hard for everyone still sitting pretty on the reins, the youth has little recourse but to go back to the dreams-inducing pints only to escape the harsh reality.

Thats why this soulful being has refused to go the self-lying way and face the reality-i will stay sober this night and face the hard facts of my life with a sober mind, i will never waver in my resolve to be the change i can be: can I be part of the movement cruising towards changing the leadership course of this country not just a generational change but a values change..a change towards a regime which appreciates and rewards merit, promotes forward-thinking and nationalistic patriotism and where on lack of aging is not viewed negatively but as a sign of the untapped potential. because flow with me here, let's us unravel the illogacility of the Kenyan governance system: we have allowed ourselves to be ruled and governed by a group of angry, myopic and terrified toddlers trapped in the deceiving bodies of 60 and 70-year olds which ideally should bring forth wisdom if the grand old book is to go by but which has come to be synonymous with unfettered greed of power and our meagre resources...oblivious of the seething and mounting rage on the streets...rage of a people who cannot believe the things the current crop of "leaders" are doing to this country: letting its poor citizens die unattended in their grassy homes with no food on their plates, hungry children who poke at their parents asking for food to feed their empty stomachs but whose parents bend their faces facing the ground unable to look back at their children and tell them "we have nowhere to get food" ""the ministers have sold the reelief food!" "relief food cannot be brought to the country due to state bureaucracy!"...rage seething at the unwanton killings of innocent and defenceless Kenyans even extending to the unarmed voices of the people like "Mtumishi" while the rest who try to speak out in the valley of death are silenced with death threats and go underground...rage at a state unwilling to arm and properly train its security forces to protect itself from the militia gangs that roam the villages in the country like lords in the medieval days-how do they the old men (in their newly blackened hairdos as if afraid that they are not black enough)face the orphaned families of the men in blue killed in the street showdowns with the militias killed because of having low power weaponry, how? They keep on siphoning off resources from our depleted silos claiming that they need to service their "philanthropic" actions but we all know better! It is a troubled this soulful friday night, i remain reflective of these words by Eduardo Galeano in Days and Nights of Love and War:"To be alive: a small victory. To be alive, that is: to be capable of joy, despite the goodbyes and the crimes, so that exile will be a testimony to another, possible country.... Joy takes more courage than grief. In the end, we are accustomed to grief." I wonder where this how low we have come as a country....the treatise continues...I Remain truly yours..FK

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