Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#Occupy Parliament: We Shall not Give Up

For all those who stood up today to continue the protracted struggle against the Kenyan kleptocracy, ably manifested by the wanton greed of the MPigs, I salute you all..You might have, at some point, felt too small, too weak, too scared to stand up against the show of might of the state but yet you stood your ground, as teargas was thrown at you, as tears welled your eyes! Some might criticize your actions-ohh too graphic, why did you do this to pigs blah blah-but all they are seeking is an excuse for their inaction, for watching idly while the country is being torn even further apart..similar criticisms where leveled at others who came before us-Mekatilili, Mau Mau, the '7 bearded sisters', Wangari Maathai, bunge la mwananchi, Oscar etc. But guess what, their actions might not have made sense to many then but the country is better (and will be even better) because of their then 'crazy' actions..We shall not give up, just as they did not, it is our country!! 

If she did this, who are we to give in to fear, intimidation, criticism, ridicule?

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