Thursday, January 24, 2008


Its been all over the media-both domestic and international.I am talking about the crisis both legal and social that my beloved country-Kenya-has found itself in. I will not go into the nitty gritty of what has caused this chaotic degeneration of what was referred as the haven of peace in Africa. Suffice to say that contrary to what many have discoursed the primary cause is not the election rigging(alleged and proved). To me, this crisis has its roots traceable to the historical divide and rule games that the political class has been playing on the hapless electorate to serve the former's selfish interests.

Too much of that intellectual debate. What is left for this country is the discourse not on who is right or wrong but what can be done to remedy the situation. For indeed if the crisis is not fully addressed urgently, many more lives and property will be destroyed. The country cannot afford this-the repurcussions in both economic and social times are too terrible to imagine. It is for this reason any Kenyan of rational reasoning would welcome and relish yesterday's meeting between the two key protagonists in this situation, that is, Mwai Kibaki and raila Kibaki at Harambee House yesterday. Coming at a time when the level of vilence has relatively reduced, this was indeed a welcome relief. Though no concrete resolutions to resolve the stalemate were reached this touching of base is a foundation from which the peace building and reconciliation process can built upon. The country can only afford to hope all goes well from now on.

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