Friday, February 29, 2008


As I write this, am overwhelmed with conflicting feelings; of joy and sadness. Today I believe Kenyans have gone back to reclaim their tag of being the most optimsitic people in the world.Since the time when the news of the power sharing deal were released to the nation, I have seen some really beautiful smiles I didnt believe some people were capable of producing. Even today the security guard at our offices greeted me in the morning with a heart-warming smile and the words, " Habari ya mwaka mpya boss!" Indeed today marks the start of the new year for the country: we have to forget whatever transgresssions have been committed against us and pertake in the renewed spirit of rekindling the brotherhood and nationhood that the country temporalily lost soon after the botched elelction results were announced.

It is time to embrace each with love as one people, one nation, kenyans. It is time to rekindle the hope of each one of us; starting from the little ones who do not know what tribal affiliation they hold to the old generation which holds to their respective ethnocentric affiliations. It is a time to explore ways to break from whatever factors divide us be they economic, political or social. It is also time to revive our democratic value systems and rebuild our national institutions for the betterment of this our country.

We owe it upon ourselves and the future generations to remain steadfast in seeking reconciliation and peacebuilding in the country. We must aver that no matter what afflictions we have been through in the past two months, we must find within ourselves to forgive and forget. In the words of one of the great men that Kenya has produced, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, we need to "forgive without bitterness" because that is the only our country(me and you) shall recollect back our lives and move on together.

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