Friday, April 4, 2008


I know some of you may have started thinking oh no that dude has ng'oad videadly as in why say "crass" instead of "class!!' but hey its for a reason coz seriously our political class has once again shown its detachment to the hard reality facing the commom mwananchi in Kenya. At a time when the kenyan populace is faced with indescribable want both materially and spiritually with inflation on an all-time high and the IDP issue no where being solved, the top two kenyan politicians have seen it fit to come up with a 40-member cabinet! Never mind that the Government doesnt have enough portfolios to fill with ministers but the economic implications are just obscene.

How will Kibaki and raila justify these huge chunks on the budget to the young kenyan sleeping on the cold in Afraha Stadium IDP Camp or the woman who cant put enough ffod on the table for his kids in Kibera? It is time we stood up and said no to this glutonus leaders. Yes we desire to have the coalition cabinet in place but why not share power using a leaner cabinet so that we can then have enough reources for national reconstruction and building?

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