Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Ode to Love

This is an honest cry of a disconsolate heart
Yearning for you,
My sweet looking Lilac.
The one who makes me sheepishly look,
When you give me that look,
that angelic I want-you-look,
I ask of you.

I ask of thee,
What is it that I first saw in you?
I beg to know,
I remember the moment of immense wonder,
When like a vision before me you appeared,
Like a spirit beauty-seared
As your face unfurled,
Brown, proud and flawless,
Curvaceous and serene,
Like a Grecian goddess,
You stood before me,
As I awe-struck gaped.

I ask of you,
What was it that so attracted me to you?
I ask myself,
Was it the seductive way you swung your hips,
Reminding me of a girl I once saw
Walking along the shores of Lake Victoria,
A really, well-endowed daughter of Ramogi,
Only that you were not from the lakeside,
But you were a daughter of Mumbi,
Oh my!
The very essence of classical African beauty.

So on this oh! So glorious day,
I ask of you,
Will we surrender to passion?
Let our mutual liking blossom into love,
Entrance ourselves into the euphoric world of ecstasy,
As I lean forward towards you,
Shall you let me kiss you deeply?
Oh oh!
Oh I ask of you,
My beautiful daughter of Mumbi,
Shall we let our love reach its prime?
Consummating that which we have patiently nurtured,
That which we have sown for long.
That has overcome thorns lined on its path.
I ask of you.

I ask of you,
As the soul in me stirs, waking,
As your virgin beauty rears,
Shall my heart pound celebration,
Shall the soul so-oft consciously hear,
The rebirth.
Of Our life. Our Love. Our Tears.

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