Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Wish I Knew


I wish I knew where life goes
when death comes
I wish I knew how the clouds change
rearrange from white to rain
to the pain of memories of millions of
moments past

I wish I knew how the last is least
wish I knew why the heart beats
to the rhythm of the love few people
hear or understand
I wish I knew why the land rises and falls
wish I knew where the birds call
late in the evening
the sad call of air
beneath their wings
I wish I knew about wishes
wish I could describe dreams
not as people or places or
things or rings of church bells
or the clanging of jail cells
welcoming the future ends
of so many souls;
I wish I knew how wishes were made
how they were created out of
wonder and ponder and the thunder
of the heavens ---
I wish I knew what God knows
I wish I knew what Love Is that escapes
the hearts of this lonely world
I wish I could cry knowing that
all is not what it is
but what it could be once
I awaken from my dream.
(c) 2/25/08. simpoet

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