Saturday, March 31, 2012


All those who share in the dream of a better Kenya; those who have toiled, written, spoken, demonstrated and endured much suffering, both of the body and mind, including death, in the fight to institutionalize the rule of law and good governance in the country... your selfless devotion to the reform of this country serves as a beacon of hope for the rest of the African continent....

…A wind of awakening blowing from the north-

To dispel the despair of life’s mockery

So that by death their children may live

Once again as men-

Has called them to resist.

They are not alone:

Their moans find echoes in the torn continent.

And the oppressors shall never again

Till the envied blood-clogged earth

In peace.

They shall no longer sleep.

(Extract from Joseph Kariuki (1992) “Sleepless in Angola” in David Cook & David Rubadiri, (Eds.) Poems from East Africa, East African Educational Publishers Ltd., Nairobi at page 72).

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